Office Support Ltd have now been working with Sage for over 20 years, and are able to provide you with the service to take away the stress of Payroll Year End.

Sage have announced that the Payroll Year End packs will be despatched between 23rd and 27th of February. This means it should be with you by 27th March as long as you have valid Sage Payroll cover. Alternatively, you can download the pack from the Sage website.

The Sage Update CD / Year End Download

This should be installed as soon as it is received. It contains the correct legislation for both the current tax year and the new tax year. This means it should be installed even if you haven't processed your final payroll for the current tax year.

Once you've updated your Sage you'll be able to start processing payroll for the new tax year before you have run your Year End.

Reconciling your Payroll Reports

You should check that your employees’ P11 Deduction Cards all display the correct values. To check them, we recommend that you use your Payment Summaries Part 1 and Part 2 reports. In most cases, your P11 Deduction Cards will be correct, however you may come across issues concerning: brought forward values; missing periods; holiday weeks displayed incorrectly; incorrect payment values; incorrect tax deductions; incorrect NI deductions.
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